Basel Acoustics

Hello Basel Acoustics!

Basel Acoustics was created to deliver uncompromised value and quality in music reproduction. We combined the great experience of the experts who already have succeeded in the high-end audio market with a modern approach to design and a passionate, tireless quest for perfection. The project of Basel acoustic was founded by Piotr Misiewicz, former Boenicke audio CEO and Sven Boenicke business partner in 2015-2020. This new project will ultimately contain a fully comprehensive offer, with unique values and features to astound our future customers and deliver products made with passion and dedication.


The construction concept

In this exciting new project, we are pleased to announce that the construction of BA – Concept V01 loudspeaker and the next upcoming Reference V01 model is designed by Sven Boenicke. Featuring solid wood cabinets, special tuning components selection and a unique floating suspension system for all the drivers. All has been combined to achieve a new leap in performance delivery. Prepare yourself for an astonishing tonal colour, clarity of details, bass performance and lifelike presentation never previously available at this price level.

The final product design

The idea of BA – Concept V01 was supported and developed by a talented group of artists and form designers. Together with Basel Acoustics meticulous attention to detail and Swiss craftsmanship, we believe we will deliver a unique and artistic experience with our products.


Creative to follow
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Pronted Material
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